Marietta, GA
Sanya Jaffar

Quantitative Science/Political Science Major

Sanya Jaffar
"Student Involvement, Leadership & Transitions provides a strong support system for all the things I love to do at Emory" 

"SILT was pivotal in my transition to the Atlanta campus as an Oxford continuee"

After serving as an Oxford Welcome Leader and finding her passion in that experience, Sanya Jaffar immediately sought out opportunities on the Atlanta campus to continue helping students adjust to new environments. Connecting new students with their passions and helping them find community with others continues to be Jaffar's passion on the Atlanta campus where she now serves as an Orientation Leader Team Captain where she helps lead the orientation team.   

The energy among fellow students, staff, and the families of incoming students at 6 am on each first-year move-in day is a memory Sanya will fondly carry with her long after graduation as it always reminds her of the collective passion of the Emory community and the impact of orientation leaders. Jaffar contributes her time with Emory orientation and Student Involvement, Leadership & Transitions to helping her build teamwork and interaction skills--skills that she's confident will serve her well in whichever route she chooses after graduation, to be an attorney or a quantitative scientist.