Chattanooga, TN
Shams Sohani

Sociology Major

Shams Sohani

“Serving as an orientation leader and team captain now has helped me constantly practice and perfect my interaction skills and my ability to be empathetic towards anyone I meet” 

“Orientation is also a formula for developing community which is one aspect of Emory that I love the most. “

Keeping an open mind to the opportunities and experiences that Emory has to offer has been Sohani’s key to making the most of his Emory experience. It is also his biggest piece of advice for incoming students.  It is that passion for keeping an open mind and seizing opportunities has served as Sohani’s motivation for getting involved with orientation and now serving as a leader for on the orientation staff. Reflecting on orientation throughout his time at Emory, signature events like Songfest serve as his greatest memories for the ways they bring first-year students together and contribute to forming friendships and community for students. 

As he prepares to participate in the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Program and eventually medical school upon graduation, Sohani contributes the support and advice he has received from the SILT staff as well as his leadership opportunities for helping him interact be prepared for the level of human interaction he will continue to have in his professional roles as an educator and doctor.