Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions (SILT) offers a variety of meaningful engagement and leadership opportunities for students from all backgrounds and categories, including first-year through senior year, international, graduate, and professional.

We help students explore opportunities to serve with student-run organizations, connect with student government entities, develop leadership capabilities, identify resources, and even assist in planning or attending late-night programs.

Some of Emory’s most involved students work with SILT. Your engagement journey begins with just one step. We’ll be there to support you along the way.

Student organizations are recognized by the Student Government Association and Graduate Student Government Association are supported by Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions.

With over 500+ to choose from, getting involved in a student organization is easy!

Undergraduate Student Organization Status Report

Graduate Student Organization Status Report

(as of September 2021, Officer Compliance Training not reflected)

Student Organizations are required to re-register annually on The Hub and complete the online officer compliance training. The Student Organization Status Report is a regularly updated document with the progression of the annual requirements. The date of last edit is located on this document. If you recently re-registered or completed the training, the document may not reflect those changes. 

Start a Student Organization

In order to promote and increase transparency, speed, and clarity within the chartering process, the Student Government Association and the Graduate Student Government Association has adopted new chartering bylaws that make starting a club, organization, or student group easier than ever. Nothing should stand in the way of a passionate group of individuals who want to form an organization at Emory.

There are minimum requirements for chartering a new student organization as dictated by the Student Government Association and the Graduate Student Government Association:

  • A constitution with a statement of the purpose of the organization and an anti-discrimination clause.
  • The names, academic divisions, and Emory ID numbers of ten (10) members.
  • A president, treasurer, and one other officer.
  • A faculty or staff advisor.
  • Approval from your Divisional Council.
  • At the discretion of each division, divisional leadership can include additional requirements necessary for chartering or gaining access to student activity fee funding.
  • All charters must be submitted through The Hub.

For more information on chartering student organizations, please check out The Hub.

Student Involvement by the Numbers

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500+ student organizations
118 Special Interest Organizations
88 Academic interest Organizations
55 Professional Organizations