Vision In Action

Program Overview 

For Emory students who have a personal vision of a social change or leadership project, Vision in Action (VIA) provides resources and support to make visions reality. A small cohort of Emory students are accepted as VIA Fellows annually. Once accepted, students select and work with an Emory faculty member of their choosing to implement their ideas from start to finish. As part of the program, students attend a one-day leadership retreat where they develop and polish their vision, practice goal setting, and create an action plan for the semester. Upon completing VIA, participants earn up to three credit hours for their Independent Study. Additionally, students have the opportunity to apply for research or project funding – all funding is first-come, first-served.

The Office of Student Involvement, Leadership and Transitions (SILT) oversees all aspects of Vision in Action, including the one-day leadership retreat and bi-weekly progress meetings throughout the semester. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the program, Vision in Action (VIA) participants will:

  • identify and describe the four tenets of the Student Leadership Philosophy
  • describe which tenet(s) align(s) with their vision
  • incorporate SLP language in their goal-setting and progress reflections
  • practice vulnerability and growth mindset by identifying and addressing potential challenges or pitfalls in their project
  • develop a polished leadership vision related to their project
  • identify and describe how their project aligns with their personal leadership vision
  • identify at least 5 resources that will assist in achieving their vision
  • identify top 3 personal values and demonstrate values congruence in their project
  • make contact with at last 4 experts they can call on for advice and counsel
  • submit a report outlining an anticipated timeline and trajectory for their project