At Emory University, student leadership is at the forefront of our most cherished annual events, brought to life through a collaboration with SILT. These memorable occasions harness the Emory spirit, celebrating our unity as a community.

Wonderful Wednesday/Wonderful Wednesday After Dark

Wonderful Wednesday is hosted every Wednesday from 12-2 p.m. in Asbury Circle near the Emory Student Center. During Wonderful Wednesday, registered students organizations table and showcase their events and opportunities for involvement. You will often see vendors selling or giving away food, beverages, or other give-away items!

Taste of Atlanta

Experience Atlanta without leaving campus! This event celebrates five iconic Atlanta hotspots: the Beltline, Centennial Olympic Park, Little Five Points, the Battery, and Atlantic Station. Featuring food and entertainment from local vendors to give you a taste of Atlanta.

First Day Fest

Celebrate the first day of classes at a carnival on the Quad! Sponsored by SPC and Wonderful Wednesday.

Last First Day

Seniors: commemorate the LAST first day you will have (from kindergarten through your undergraduate career*). We will provide the photobooth and props, you provide the smiles and memories! Your parents/guardians/siblings/family will love sharing in the joy and your accomplishments!

Culture Shock

Presented by College Council, CultureSHOCK is an annual event that showcases performances that highlight the diverse cultures at Emory.

Homecoming & HocoFest

At Emory, Homecoming is for all of us! It's a time for students, faculty, staff, parents and alums to celebrate our community, make new connections, and reflect on ways in which Emory becomes home. Don't miss out on HocoFest during Homecoming! This is a time for Emory students to share their talents with the community; if there's one thing for certain, Emory has got talent. 

Homecoming and Family Weekend take place concurrently each fall, featuring events, performances, and plenty of food and fun.

First Snow

We bring winter to Atlanta! Experience the best parts of winter with this epic welcome back party featuring ice skating, REAL snow, tubing, winter games, and more. Indulge in hot cocoa and s'mores by the fire with us.* *Even if it's 50 degrees out!*

Dooley's Week

Hosted by the Student Programming Council (SPC), Dooley's Week is a week-long celebration in the spring semester featuring social events, a concert, giveaways, and delicious food.

If you're lucky, Dooley will visit your classroom. Once there, and in exchange for a well-written limerick, Dooley may just cancel your class for the day. You will also hear Dooley's famous words during his appearances:

"Presidents may come, presidents may go; professors may come, professors may go; students may come, students may go; but Dooley lives on forever!"