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Whether it's joining one of Emory's 500+ Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), volunteering with local non-profit organizations, or engaging in undergraduate research, getting involved is an important part in your journey at Emory. With so many opportunities and avenues for getting engaged, it can feel overwhelming. Use this simple rule of 3 to jumpstart getting involved and finding community.

1. Find Something Familiar

Stay connected to activities you have already found fuel and motivate you. Think about what you are involved with currently or in high school. Service work? Activism? Leadership? Involved with some form of spiritual fulfillment? There's most likely someone, or an organization, that shares this interest. Now it is your opportunity to spend some time exploring!
There are plenty of ways to build on your previous experiences and continue involvement with activities that bring you joy.

2. Find Something New

College is a wonderful time to break out of a routine and try something new! Maybe you have an interest you would like to explore that you have not had the chance to in the past. Have you considered exploring your identities more and joining groups that support and challenge you to reflect in this area of your life? It’s time to seek out new experiences.

3. Find Something Academic

Involvement outside of the classroom is vital and important to your student experience but finding roots in your academic pursuits can also support you finding community. This could be seeking out opportunities with Undergraduate Research or joining a pre-professional organization tied to your field of study.

Remember, it takes some time to get to know a new environment, so give yourself some grace as you find what makes Emory special to you.

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